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  • Ceramic



Material sample tile made of porcelain with 30% recycled earthenware components - already fired, without glazing.

Waste objects found at the Fine Art University Belas Artes in Porto, grinded and reused in a sample tile.

Due to a fruitful collaboration with @pedrosantosceramica - ceramic artist and technical assistant of the ceramic workshop of the university - it was possible to get access to forgotten or just not wanted ceramic objects (which would end up im the trash) and get insights of how much waste is produced within the art studies.


Production Process:
• waste collection
• manual shredding process with a hammer to destroy the object into smaller pieces
• ceramic shredder (jaw crusher and than hammer mill machine) to get a fine waste ceramic powder at CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials
• Portioning: 100ml of ceramic paste with a composition of 30 % waste powder and  70% liquid raw material and additional 5-10% water
• slip casting mould
• drying phase

• bisque firing - low firing with temperature of 950 degrees
• second firing - high firing with temperature of 1200 degrees

1 - A4 - 013

1 (70%) - porcelain
A4 (30%) - bricks
001 - Porto district