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5 - PP - E


Plastic tile made of 100% recycled material from byproducts of the plastic industry. Pre-consumer plastic wasted was shredded and transformed into plastic flakes, sample tile make with a injection machine from Precious Plastic Portugal at the Fablab OPOLAB, Porto.

In the plastic industry whenever you inject a new product you use more plastic than the actual final product would need. The plastic has to get from the machine into the mould and travel through the injection “channels” called sprue and runner - (second picture). So there is always wasted extra material.


Production Process:
• waste collection
• sorting the plastic into colours
• shredding into granulate
• manual injection into a mould
• cooling down fase

Plastic (5) - Polypropylene (PP) -  Pre-Consumer Waste (E) - Aveiro district (001)


J.PRIOR has an internal recycle system to shred and reuse their plastic waste into their production circuit - avoiding as much waste as possible.